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Hello This is Takako

Yu and I enjoyed Mosey Down Main Street again!
I was worrying about the whether, and it rained a little while Yu was performing on the street... but it stopped raining soon!!!!

We appreciate all the people who gathered to support us and cheered him up during the event.
It was really a wonderful event!!
Here is a photo of Yu performing two diabolos.


It was so great to see many people again.
This is the last Mosey for this year, but I hope to see you all again in another event soon :)


Hello This is Takako!

The next event is coming up, Mosey Down Main Street on August 31st!
It will be the last Mosey for this year so it must be the biggest and the greatest one!!!!!!!!!!!

We bought two Duncan YoYos today, Butterfly and Imperial.

Duncan YoYos

These are great for beginners, so we decided to buy them for audience who wants to try yoyoing at the event.
Yu will teach anyone how to throw yoyos during the event, so please come and join us if you are planning to come to Mosey next weekend :)

Yu is going to start his performance at 6:00pm somewhere on main street, downtown Lafayette.
Hope to see many people there on Saturday!!!!!!!!!


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The world yoyo contest 2013 was over.

I was performing yoyos at the Mosey down main street when the finals was going on. So I couldn't watch live stream.

When I finished performing, I checked facebook on iphone. Everyone was talking about Noel. I was wondering if he won AP division but it turned out soon that he made a marriage proposal to his girlfriend on the stage at the end of the AP performance!!!

And she said YES!!!

Noel was one of the first yoyo friend I made here in Indiana. He is really nice guy and I love his yoyoing very much.

Such an amazing, happy, beautiful news from worlds.



In 1A division, Werrd members Eric and Ky competed. I couldn't watch their freestyle on live but I watched the videos. Ky's "dragon" trick, where he use two strings with a yoyo, was quite surprizing!! Eric's freestyle was the smoothest ever!!

Ky placed 19th and Eric was 4th among about 200 players!!

Congrats guys!!

As for my performance at Mosey, I enjoyed it and I performed many times. I guess that people's favorite were 2A and diabolos, especially one diabolo had good reactions from the audience.

I am glad that some people came to me and said they wanted to try yoyoing.

Takako and I was too busy to take a picture, so no picture of me performing. haha.

Yesterday was the second day of the world yoyo contest.

In the early afternoon, Werrd members Eric and Ky placed in top 12 in the semi final and made it into the 1A finals!! This is so exciting that there are two Werrd members in the 1A finals. I am so proud of them!!

In the evening, the finals for 2A, 3A, and 4A took place.

In 3A, a Werrd member Eric competed. It seems that he was a bit nervous but it was a really good freestyle. Besides him, my favorite freestyle was Hank, Yasuki, Patrick. Hank was as smooth as usual and I have no doubt that he would win again and he won. Yasuki did really difficult tricks with almost no mistake. The last trick of Patrick was the best 3A trick I have ever seen.

In 4A, Michael Nakamura won first time. His freestyle was so clean. I have watched his freestyle for several years and every time I see him, his skill has been getting better and better. Now, he is the best in the world in 4A. I am very happy.

In 2A, the freestyle of the defending champion Shu Takada was perfect. The use of the music, the movements of the body, the yoyo skill, so perfect. I wish I could watch his freestyle in the contest. The Japanese champion Takuma Yamamoto's 2A tricks are the most complicated, sophisticated and even compared with Shu, Takuma's skill is one more step further. After seeing all 2A freestyle, I thought these two guys placed in top two, but I didn't know which one won. The 2013 2A campion is Takuma Yamamoto.

Here is Shu's freestyle that everyone can enjoy even if you don't play 2A.

1A, 5A and AP finals will be tonight. I wish everyone competing tonight best luck!!
(Live streem: finals start 6:30 PM EST)

I am going to perform yoyo and diabolo tonight at the Mosey down main street in Lafayette.

The event itself will start on 6 PM and I plan to start my show from 6:30. One show is about 20-30 minutes and I will do several shows until I can't move.

There are many music performances and several stands till midnight, so come and enjoy the event!!

I hope to see you guys there, the rest enjoy the worlds!!

Bye Yu

The 2013 world yoyo contest has begun!!


I attended the world yoyo contest in 2010, 2011 and 2012. Unfortunately, I could' make it this year.

Last night I was so exited about the worlds and couldn't sleep well.

Today, I was sticking with the facebook updates for the result of prelims.

My teammate friend Eric made it into the final in 3A and into the semifinal in 1A!! Congrats!!

Eric was 1st place in 3A prelim. Can't wait to watch his finals.

There are more that 170 competitors in 1A prelims. Among them, Eric was 3rd!! So Great!!

Another teammate Ky placed 10th and will compete in semifinals tomorrow.

Good luck Eric and Ky!!

Good job everyone!!